Durum wheat semolina pasta with salmon.
Typical Piedmontese egg pasta flavoured with the tasty addition of salmon flavour. Enjoy it with nuts, mushrooms or vegetables based sauces. 

Preparation and usage
1- Add water in a large pot and bring it to boil
2- Add at least one tablespoon of salt
3- Toss in the pasta and stir occasionally
4- Cook without the lid for the time indicated on the packaging
5- Drain the pasta and stir in your favourite sauce or pesto


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, salmon aroma

Nutritional Info (for 100g)
Energy 1,495kJ / 353Kcal
Fats 1.6g
- of which saturates 0.4g
Carbs 70g
- of which sugars 2.7g
Fibres 3.3g
Proteins 13g
Salt traces
Allergens: Without colouring or preservatives
Storage: Keep it in a dry location

Alfieri Pastificio, RICCIOLI WITH SALMON bag 250g

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