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Durum wheat semolina pasta with egg.
Tajarin is a long egg pasta typical of the Piedmont region. Historically this type of pasta was used for festive occasions. It is recommended to combine it with meat sauce, porcini mushroom sauce or with truffle and extra virgin olive oil.

Preparation and usage
1- Add water in a large pot and bring it to boil
2- Add at least one tablespoon of salt
3- Toss in the pasta and stir occasionally
4- Cook without the lid for the time indicated on the packaging
5- Drain the pasta and stir in your favourite sauce or pesto


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, fresh pasteurized eggs (26%) 

Nutritional Info (for 100g)
Energy 1,619kJ / 383Kcal
Fats 7.1g
- of which saturates 3.2g
Carbs 65g
- of which sugars 3.2g
Fibres 2.1g
Proteins 14g
Salt traces
Allergens: Wheat. Gluten. It may contain traces of egg, nuts, fish, shellfish, sulphites and soy 
Storage: Keep it in a dry location

Alfieri Pastificio, TAJARIN WITH EGG WHITE BOX 1000g

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