Vineyards: Salice, Veglie, Guagnano, San Pancrazio, San Donaci


Training system: old bush vines. Trunks are kept short: 40-60 cm high. Few buds (6-8), in order to ensure high-quality yields.

Climate: Mediterranean. It is mild thanks to the influence of the sea, which offers long, sunny (average sunshine hours per year: 2,600), dry (500-600 mm/yr) summers to the Salento peninsula. Cold season is short and mild. The Adriatic coast from the town of Otranto to that of Santa Maria di Leuca is rainier than the Ionian coast towards Gallipoli, where North African winds blow more frequently. The areas north of Otranto have a slightly lower temperature due to the influence of the Balkan peninsula.

Region: mostly flat areas dotted with a few low hills. From a geological point of view, the region has a calcareous structure. Except for a few areas, its ground is mostly rocky, made up of stony layers and chalky banks.

Grape varieties: Negroamaro 80%; Malvasia Nera 20%.

Harvest: hand picking, after the grapes are fully ripe. In order to obtain a good structure, harvest is delayed so as to facilitate the concentration of sugar and extractive substances.

Winemaking: traditional temperature-controlled fermentation of must in large Slavonian oak vats for 30-45 days.

Ageing: 6 months in French oak barriques, 6 months in large barrels, 6 months in bottles.

Colour: intense ruby-red.

Tasting notes: A robust wine with a velvety, harmonious balance and a persistent fruity finish. Intense, elegant fragrances of blackberries and plums. On the palate it is pleasant, well-structured but with a good vinous and ethereal acid balance. Firm yet soft tannins.

Alcohol: about 14-15%

Food pairing: best drunk with red meats, with not too spicy fish soups, with mixed boiled meats and cooked salamis, and with fermented, hard cheeses.

Serving temperature: 18°C

Recommended glass: a large bowl-shaped glass with an inward-curved rim: the wine can fully breathe, and the glass can be held better in hands. It will help the temperatu- re rise gradually, and aid in the release of its complex fragrances.

Storage period: many years, if the wine is stored out of light in suitable cellars at a constant temperature of 10-14°C, with 60-70% humidity levels, and in a horizontal position so as to keep corks moist and elastic.

Apollonio, Salice Salentino Rosso "Mani del Sud" DOP, 2016

SKU: apollonio_salice_salentino_rosso
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