Introduced to Alto Adige by Archduke John of Austria in the 19th century, Riesling is one of the most elegant and refined white wines. In contrast to their German forebears, Rieslings in Alto Adige are usually fermented dry, i.e. without any residual sugar.
Grape variety: Riesling

Cultivating area: Slopes above Bolzano and the Valle Isarco, 500 m a.s.l.(1640 ft)

Harvest date: Early to mid-October

Vinification: Gentle pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Maturation is also in stainless steel to ensure the freshness of the wine

Color: greenish to pale yellow

Aroma: fruity scent of peach and apricots, delicately floral, slightly ethereal

Flavor: dry, elegant, fresh with a pleasant acidity, lively

Food pairing: Fish and shellfish, poultry, goat’s cheese and vegetarian dishes

Cantina Bolzano Kellerei Bozen, Riesling Alto Adige DOC, 2019

SKU: 24021_2019
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