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The “Barbera d’Asti” has always been a young, fresh and fruity wine. Its tasting is always appreciated. Ancestor of the Barbera d’Asti Superiore, which has risen to top quality, the Barbera d’Asti represents today the simpler connection with this vine. It’s the first step towards more challenging wine-making techniques. It’s like a sweet and fascinating “child”, which strikes for his simplicity and freshness.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Barbera is without doubt Piedmont’s most popular and widely-planted grape variety, particularly in the Asti area, where it has found ideal growing conditions. Its long-respected reputation as a wine that is youthful, fresh, fruit-rich, and easy-dinking represents Barbera’s most uncomplicated style. This first step can lead to approaching and savouring more complex and impressive versions, although the youthful style already offers a glimpse of the significant potential of the Barbera grape, the charm of its character, and the breadth of its intriguing fascination. Baby, the affectionate name that distinguishes the most youthful of our Barberas, is precisely that style: a vibrant, instinctive, “natural” wine that offers itself to us, full of joy, our partner day after day, a frank and trusted friend, in that magnificent world, so multi-faceted and versatile, that is Barbera!
SENSORY PROFILE. Appearing ruby red, Baby releases heady, fresh, youthful aromas of wild berry. In the mouth, it is dry and appealingly incisive, with a delicate vein of acidity that enfolds the palate and energises the tasting experience. This is the ideal wine for a meal, perfect with lighter dishes, but certainly fine as a partner with heartier fare as well, thanks to its classic sinew.
VINIFICATION AND MATURATION. Baby macerates 8-10 days on the skins at 28-30°C, followed by malolactic fermentation in stainless steel.
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass

SERVING SUGGESTIONS. Ideal with pasta or rice first courses.

Cantine Sant'Agata, Barbera d'Asti 'Baby' DOCG, 2018 (stelvin)

SKU: 17615_2018
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