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PRO NOBIS”, is the Ruché wine created by the excellent year 2000 harvest. It reflects our constant desire to improve and the inborn, natural need to comply with mother nature’s deepest dictates. We would like to guide our nature towards a more and more evolved selection and quality goal. It’s the “selection” which contributed to create the arrival of this newborn product of our vineyards and our wine-making experience. First we located the oldest vineyard, where the grapevines, through a multi-year natural selection, improved their grape production. Then the pruning and the cultivation techniques were set up in a precise way: a reduced yield but an excellent quality level. A careful selection of the grape Ruché in the vineyard during the harvest, when the climate was particularly sunny, gave the basic material to obtain this peculiar and precious “cru”. The best bunches, placed in baskets and immediately vinified in small barrels to avoid high fermentation temperatures, gave immediately a great aromatic must together with mineral salts, sugars and vitamins. The wine we obtained didn’t suffer traumatic filtering before the bottling and in spring, it developed the malo-lactic fermentation by itself, without mechanical interventions. Bottled in July, it is placed in commerce in the late autumn. We are not in a hurry since we are sure that a further refining in bottle, will improve its tasting qualities.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION. PRO NOBIS embodies our unceasing, evolving commitment to improvement, and our conscious, deeply-rooted desire to assist Mother Nature in her deepest, most vital impulses and to gently guide her towards ever-more advanced selections and quality achievements. 
After identifying the oldest cultivars, in which natural selection has improved the grape’s innate qualities, we practised careful quality-selection of the clusters during the harvest, the raw material indispensible for producing this very unusual and rarest of cru wines.
SENSORY PROFILE. The length of the bouquet is utterly enfolding and enrapturing, beyond the capacity of mere words to convey.  The delicacy of the bouquet and the complex aromatics on the finish interweave and mutually amplify each other, in a dynamic duet of literally indescribable hues, scents, tastes, emotions, and sensations. 
VINIFICATION AND MATURATION.  The finest clusters yield must that is exceptionally rich in aromatic compounds, as well as mineral salts, tannins, and in particular vitamins. The must is immediately fermented in small oak barrels, then the wine rests in contact with the skins for a considerable period, absorbing tannins and aromatic compounds. It then matures a minimum of a year in large oak ovals, and is then bottled.   
RECOMMENDED GLASS : Fairly large tulip-shaped glass
CELLARABILITY: 8 - 10 years.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS. This emphatic, spicy wine is the perfect partner to full-flavoured dishes. It pairs beautifully with game, venison, wild boar and hare, as well as with poultry and duck, all braised in this same wine. Its qualities encourage imaginative pairing with Asian dishes, in particular with Indian and Thai cuisine.

Cantine Sant'Agata, Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato 'Pro Nobis' DOCG, 2020

SKU: 17605_2020
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