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In 1945, after World War II was over, Giuseppe Cipriani invented a new cocktail in the name of peace and freedom. He mixed Prosecco with fresh white peach puree, creating the Bellini.
The cocktail was named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, whose works at the time were being exhibited at the Doge’s Palace. Giuseppe was inspired by the pink glow in one of Bellini’s paintings.
Bellini Cipriani is made uniquely of prosecco and white peach puree. The sweetness of the peaches mixed with bubbles makes it a delicate and refreshing cocktail.
The Bellini is most enjoyed in this purpose made glass; however, any glass will do just fine.
Due to its low alcohol content of 5.5%, it is perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif. It is best served chilled at 3-4 degrees Celsius. Its shelf life is 18 months from the day of bottling. Bellini Cipriani exists in two sizes, 200mL bottle or the classic 750mL bottle.


Serving Temperature: 6-8°C (c. 43-46°F)
Alcohol Cont.: 5.5% by vol.

Cipriani, Bellini Cocktail 5.5% 75cl

SKU: 18300
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