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The Artist


Deciphering the character of wine was only one of Valentino Monticello’s talents.He was an Italian sommelier who managed prestigious cellars at some of London’s most iconic private dining clubs such as Harry’s Bar and Club 21; but he was also an artist that fused his passion for mythology, opera and wine translating it into a distinctive style if fine art and creating a uniquely signature craft.


Monticello’s artwork is composed by shapes entirely made from the most distinguished wine labels. Every detail of each piece carefully hand cut from different labels capturing wine and regions from all over the world, his work exclusively uses wine labels as its medium and its context.


Monticello created collages portraying famous opera scenes, celebrated myths, legendary landscape and iconic establishments. His work has been showcased and celebrated in galleries and museums across Europe including the National Gallery in London and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The series ‘The Life of Bacchus’, as well the ‘Wine as Art’ collection is housed at Il Molino di Grace Winery in Panzano -in-Chinati.


GRAPES: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino
ALTIDUE: Single vineyard 400 mt above sea level 

TRAINING SYSTEM: spurred cordon, guyot

HARVEST: Late, after middle of October 10th, by hand

VINIFICATION PROCESS: After a second grape quality control, 20 days of fermentation controlled temperature of 28-30°C with soft extraction process

AGING: 18 months in French barriques and tonneaux new and first use 

COLOUR: intensive rubin red

BOUQUET: very complex with explosion of ripe black cherries and small black berries, spicy, white pepper, chocolate and tobacco

FLAVOUR: very structured and complex great balance, everlasting finish

FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS: lamb, beef, rack of dear, wild boar

ALCOHOL: 14.0% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

Il Molino di Grace, Toscana Rosso 'Gratius' IGT, 2017

SKU: 22800_2017
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