Chestnut honey has a strong aromatic taste and a slightly bitter after taste. Dark in colour, ranging from yellowish-brown to almost black, sometimes with amber hues, it has an aromatic, pungent herbal aroma and taste and slightly tannic (due to the tannin in the tree).
Preparation and use: Ideal for spreading on bread and toasties or use it as sweetener for teas and infusions or pair it with cheese
Ingredients: 100% Chestnut Honey
Nutritional value (for 100g)
Energy 1,347kJ / 322kcal
Fats 0g
Carbs 80g 
- of which sugars 80g
Proteins 0.60g
Sale 0.25g
Allergens: Suitable for vegetarians. Free from additives, colouring and preservatives
Storage: Keep it in a cool location away from direct sunlight 

Dolcezze di Rumia, CHESTNUT HONEY 400g

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