Created in 1824, Corvo has been a self-renewing classic for nearly two centuries. Wines that are right for your everyday, for moments of relaxation and moments of vivacity, full of personality and pleasure.


The Corvo Brand

Research, meticulous care and an innate preference for unorthodox procedures are parts of a tradition that feeds the unmistakable quality of Corvo wines.


Corvo Rosa is a harmonious wine, full bodied, lively and fresh. A refined companion for pleasurable moments. Versatile and elegant, thanks to its small fruit fragrance and its delicately subtle flavours, it is perfect both with simple dishes and gourmet combinations.


PRODUCTION AREA - Central and western Sicily, hinterland of the province of Trapani.

GRAPE VARIETY - Sicilian red grapes.

TYPE - Rosé.

CLASSIFICATION - Typical geographical indication (IGT Terre Siciliane).

SOIL - Mixed type, tending to calcareous.

ALTITUDE - From 100 to 250 above sea level.

VINEYARD - Vertical shoot positioning trellised vines with medium-high plant density per hectare (approx. 4,000 units).

CLIMATE - Insular, Mediterranean, tending to hot, dry. HARVEST - From the 2nd to the 4th week of September.

VINIFICATION - Short cold maceration on the skins (approx. 12 hours) and then soft pressing. Fermentation at 17°-18°C.

AGEING - At controlled temperature up to February to favour the natural clarification. Two months in bottle at controlled temperature.

- bright rosé colour with cherry red highlights.
Bouquet - rich, fragrant and finely fruity of little soft fruits.
Flavour - balanced, well-bodied, lively and on average persistent.

ALCOHOL CONTENT - 12.0% - 12.5% vol.


RECOMMENDED WITH - It matches well with a wide variety of dishes like rich appetizers, main courses, fish and white meat.

STORAGE - In a very cool place (13°-15°C), with low humidity and away from light.

LIFE - To be enjoyed young, preferably within one or two years.

1ST YEAR OF PRODUCTION - 1968 harvest.

Duca di Salaparuta, Terre Siciliane "Corvo Rosa" IGT, 2013

SKU: 29935_2013
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