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After 4 years of research they decided to choose their new Vigna Costera’s Vineyard for the production of Buttafuoco Storico due to its good location and soil.The wine is aged for 16 months in oak barrels and for 10 months in bottles and it can be sold only after 36 months after getting approved by the cellar commission.

Grape Variety: 55% Croatina, 30% Barbera 15% Uva Rara

Color: deep ruby red, brilliant

Bouquet: refined, intense, with hints of red fruit, cerrys, plums, spicy and mineral

Taste: full body wine, good balance, great personality with long finish

Alcohol: 14,5% vol.

Pairing: good with braised meat, red meat dishes, first courses with meat sauces and with cured cheese

Francesco Maggi, Buttafuoco Storico Riserva Oltrepo Pavese 'Vigna Costasera' DOC

SKU: 17910_2013
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