Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italiano - cold pressed


Origin: Imperia and province, Region: Puglia, Basilicata and Sicilia

Altitude: 200/600 mt above sea level

Cultivar: Taggiasca, Ogliarola, Frantoio, Biancolilla

Extraction: Alfa Laval (continous process) two cycle: Flushing-Washing-Milling-Braking-Cold extraction-Resolution

Appearance: Veiled 

Colour: Yellow with bright green hint

Aroma: Medium fruity

Taste: Decisively fruity, greasy, almond, artichoke, bitter and chili aftertaste

Density: Medium / High fluidity

Acidity: Less than 0,3%

Frantoio Sant'Agata, GRAN CRU SELECTION E/V olive blend oil satin-black 500ml

SKU: 1020074
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