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A red with full body and structure produced solely from Montepulciano grapes. It is matured in traditional oak casks for at least one year before it is sent to the market.
It combines the typical aromas of cherries of Rosso Cònero with an imposing but pleasantly mellow structure. If properly preserved, the wine can be aged at length.


Type of wine: dry red.

Zone of origin: the hills behind Monte Cònero.

Terrain: medium consistency, rich in limestone.

Grapes: 100% Montepulciano.

Yield x hectare: 8000 Kg


- destalking and pressing of the grapes
- fermentation with skin contact for about seven to 10 days.

Maturation: for about one year in casks.

Color: brilliant ruby red.

Bouquet: complex, full, intense and persistent. Rich with scents of ripe fruit such as plums, cherries and jams.

Flavor: dry, sapid, soft and warm with prominent but elegant and pleasant tannins.

Consumption: if laid down properly, the wine can be aged for three to four.

Food matches: it goes perfectly with roasted meats, aged cheeses and game.

Serving temperature: 18°C (64°F)

Alcohol: 14.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

Garofoli, Rosso Cònero 'Piancarda' DOC, 2020

SKU: 12318_2020
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