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Vincent Laval has managed 3ha of vineyards of Cumières since 1996 and produces around 10,000 bottles per year. His father Georges Laval was one of the oldest producer who obtained biologique certificate(in 1971) in Champagne. Only seven producers were certified by Ecocert at that time, said Vincent. The wine has superb purity of fruits and mineral, and sensational verticality.

Vincent has began to release "Garennes" since 2015 vintage. This parcel is situated in Chambrecy in the Vallée de l'Ardre, 20km from Cumières and mostly Pinot-Meunier are planted. This parcel is owned by Vincent and managed by biologic since early 00's. Those grapes had been sold to negotiants until 2014. Production of Garennes is around 4,000 bottles/year, so today his total production has been increased to 14,000 - 15,000 bottles a year.


Hervé Jestin is also his ally and Vincent is providing Pinot-Noir and Pinot Meunier to Hervé Jestin to make "Champagne Jestin". Hervé Jestin loves Cumières so much, in fact, he had used Vincent's Cumières when he worked for Duval-Leroy to make Authentis Series. Then, finally Hervé Jestin bought a parcel in Cumières, called "Clos de Cumières".

George Laval, Champagne Cumières Premier Cru Brut Nature, 2010 (Marne, France)

SKU: 31046_2010
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