Production Area: This Rosé is produced using the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the Abbazia vineyard and Recantina grapes from the Aria Valentina vineyard, situated on the south-facing slope of the Montello hill.
Soil characteristics: Red, iron-rich, clayey soil.
Vineyard: The vines are trained using the double-arched cane system. The number of vines per hectare varies from 4000 to 4800, depending on the vineyard.

Technique adopted: For the red grape varieties the vinification process commences "on-the-skins", the skins are then immediately separated from the must during pressing. Primary fermentation takes place at controlled temperature using selected yeasts. The secondary fermentation is carried out at low temperature in stainless steel tanks.

Chemical characteristics:

Effective alcoholic strength: % vol. 12,00 ± 0,50

Residual sugar: g/l 8,00 ± 1,0

Total acidity: g/l 5,80 ± 0,50

Physical characteristics:

Pressure in Bar at 20°C 5,0 ± 1,00.
Sensory characteristics:

Froth: appropriately evanescent, with fine and lingering perlage.

Colour: crystalline pale pink.

Bouquet: delicate floral notes, with a predominance of rose petals and notes of oleander and cyclamen.
Flavour: fresh, smooth and frothy, very easy drinking with delicious notes of pomegranate, cherry and raspberry. The finish is mineral, refreshing and persistent.
Nutritional information:

1 g alcohol: 7 kcal.

1 l dry wine at 10°: 600kcal.

1 g sugar: 4 kcal.
Food pairings: Ottimo sia da aperitivo che da tutto pasto; sempre all'altezza delle occasioni più importanti.

Serving temperature: 6-8°C.

Storage: in a cool place, away from light and heat sources.

Giusti Wine, Spumante Rosé Brut, NV

SKU: 12870_NV
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