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Denomination: I.G.T (regional geographical indication)

Type of soil: volcanic soil and tufaceous clay

Vine Training System: guyot

Alcohol content: 13%

Origin of the grape variety: Grape variety native of the Burgundy region, from where it gradually spread throughout the world. Its name comes from Chardonnay, the homonymous town of Mâconnais in Burgundy. It prefers hot-temperate climates, calcareous and clay soil, better if hilly.

Exclusive Vine-growing Practices: Very precocious variety, thus sensitive to the spring frost. It can also withstand higher yields. The grapes’ exposure to the sun results in more well-bodied and complex wines.

Exclusive Oenological Practices: Alcoholic fermentation is carried out at a low temperature, with clean musts. Use of selected yeasts, specific for Chardonnay. The MLF is completely carried out.

Back label: “Aristocratic wine with significant structure and elegance. Only Chardonnay is able to guarantee these balances”.

Olfactory images: Walnut, hazelnut, almond, chestnuts, green apple, banana.

Serving suggestions: Cold cuts, pasta with vegetable or meat sauces. Frittatas, goat cheese.

Serve at 8-10°C.

Gotto d'oro, Roma Bianco DOC, 2015

SKU: 12331_2015
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