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Fammattì is a white wine produced through an Ancestral wine-making Method.

The De Angelis siblings rediscovered this method of vinification from an ancient recipe belonging to their grandfather and company founder Amilcare (LuKont).

The Ancestral wine-making Method places itself between the Charmat and the Classical Methods.


It consists in a light pressing of the grapes to extract yeasts present on the bunches, followed by a fermentation in stain- less steel at a controlled temperature, generally at low tempe- rature. In this phase the fermentation is slowed down at first and then blocked, keeping a sugary content sufficient to guarantee the restart after bottling of the fermentation itself. No additional yeasts and sugars are required.


Bottles are stored in the cellar at 15 degrees. This sparkling wine needs special care, because it’s made through a comple- tely natural Method. It‘ s constantly evolving. Each bottle is unique.


Grapes: Selection of indigenous grape varieties

Organoleptic description: Sparkling white wine with hints of citrus fruit. A mature wine with good acidity that guarantees great drinking pleasure. Strictly bounded to traditions

Serving temperature: 8°C
Gastronomic suggestions: Excellent with aperitifs, to be served with delicate dishes, especially fish-based ones

Limited production: 3000 bottles

Alcohol: 11.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly

Il Conte Villa Prandone, Bianco Sur lie naturally refermented 'Fammattì', NV

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