Denomination: Vino da Tavola

Notes about the vintage: 2012 had an atypical trend with a fairly cool winter, characterized by intense rainfall and a spring poor in rainfall, with average temperatures. Germination started the first week of April. The summer was characterized by a month of July that was not too hot and an August with torrid daytime temperatures up to 40 ° C. Proper management of the foliar wall of the vineyards supported by a discreet availability of water, has preserved the bunches from problems of withering. The continuation of the high temperatures made it necessary to timely start the harvesting started with the early varieties the second week of August. The harvest ended in the last days of November with the harvest of the raisins in the plant.

Grape Variety: Sauvignon blanc 100%
Harvesting period: several passages in the vineyard

from mid-October to the end of November

Type of Soil: of alluvial origin rich in calcareous sediments, from medium to deep to deep.

Altitude: 130 mt. a.s.l.
Traing System: guyot
Density of planting: 5.600 plants per hectareYeild: 15 quontals per hectare

Vinification: late harvest with withering in the plant. Natural fermentation at a controlled temperature of 17 °C in small steel and vitrified cement tanks

Maturation: 15 months in vitrified cement tanks

Refinement: 12 months in bottle
Production: 3000 bottle

Il Pollenza, Passito Vendemmia Tardiva 'Pius IX Mastai' VDT, 2012

SKU: 13490_2012
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