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Denomination: IGP Terre del Volturno

Grape variety: Coda di Pecora Bianco 100%

Production Area: Hilly Area of Commons Formicola, at the foot of the mountains of Monte Maggiore in the province of Caserta –Campania - Italy

Agronomic characteristics of the land: Tend clay with significant presence of exotic carbonates; South-east; altitude of 300 m s.l.m;

Pruning: Guyot and traditional form of the area, said Garland;

Planting density: 4000 vines / ha;

Yield of grapes per hectare: 70 quintals;

Harvest: Manual in boxes of 20 kg plastic

Harvest Period: I - II week of October;

Vinification and sensory profile: The grapes are taken immediately into the close cellar, where they undergo destemming and crushing and are gently pressed. The fermentation takes place in fermentation tanks stainless steel at a controlled temperature.
The wine opens up in the glass with floral intensity of white petals and a register primarily mineral clear, with recalls distinctly chalky. The fresh almond is leading the way with aromatic herbs, with sage and rosemary in the foreground, accompanied by fruity aromas of apple and peach immature white pulp.
On the palate the thrust mineral and returns consistent herbs are getting longer, surrounded by the flavor, to give a clean shutdown and pleasantly bitter taste.
Fresh and flirty, deserves to be honored for his skills as a longevity obvious and easy to drink. Delicious accompaniment to dishes with blue fish, it goes well with mild cheeses to soft;

Alcohol content: 12,5%

Serving Temperature: 12°C

Il Verro, Coda di Pecora Terre del Volturno 'Sheep' IGP, 2018

SKU: 11705_2018
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