Blending: Pinot Noir 80 %, Chardonnay 20 % 

Ageing: 3 years
Dosage: Brut


This Champagne has a beautiful shimmering pale gold colour. Fine streams of bubbles rise to maintain a pleasing «cordon» on the surface. A refined, delicate nose offers notes of apple and pear with citrus aromas; floral undertones of hawthorn and cherry blossom add complexity. The palate is fruity with the same notes of citrus and white fruit. The power and elegance of this Cuvée is confirmed with the delicious citrus finish.

Serving temperature:
7 to 8°C
The refreshing character of this Champagne making it suitable for any special occasion.

Laurenti, Champagne Grand Cuvée Brut Magnum, NV (France)

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