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Golden amber

A bottle designed especilly for brand, "decanter" type. Decortated by hand based on desings from the "Real Fabrica de la Granja".

Dry, delicate, complex and persistant. Extremely elegant.

Very fragant, notes of old oak.

Made from 100% Palomino grape distillates at 60 degrees, denominated "holanda".

Criaderas and solera. Aged in American oak casks, previousuly used for ageing of sherry.

Can not be calculated as it is a brandy aged in the "solera" system. More than 15 years in the "solera" system.

Serve at room temperature. Serve a small measure in a brandy glass so that its exquisite aroma is more easily appreciated.

Drink slowly, with enjoyment and without haste.

Very appropiate for after-dinners, with coffee, during the afternoon/evening.

Lepanto is one of the products which we are most proud of at Gonzalez Byass. The best holandas (eau-de-vie) are choosen for the Lepanto Solera. The systematic blending is done at an excruciatingly slow pace and well over a decade passes before Lepanto reaches the final solera, where it is ready for bottling. In fact, this quite unique brandy must travel through fifteen scales of increasing age within the "Solera system".

Century-old oak casks and infinite patience play an important part in the production of this truly magnificent "Solera Gran Reserva".

The reputation of Lepanto helps the "Brandy de Jerez" in general, situate itself among the great distilled drinks of the world.

Lepanto - Solera Gran Reserva Brandy 40.0% 70cl

SKU: B35001
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