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Prime snail meat, tomato sauce and pesto. ready-to-reheat meal.
shelf life: 48 months


Italy is the world’s top producer of Helix snails for consumption. snail farming (full natural cycle farming) has become a widespread activity in all Italian regions. Throughout the year consumers can purchase calibrated, selected and perfectly purified Helix snails. The quality of Chiocciola metodo Cherasco snails is way higher than those picked in the wild. due to normal farming enclosures and purging processes, snails lose their moisture and retain their size when cooked. Chiocciola metodo Cherasco snails are a guaran- tee of safety and hygiene as they feed exclusively on selected vegetation and are kept in controlled and hygienic environments. They are picked and packed according to specific calibres, which ensu- re even and easy cooking. The meat is tender and fragrant and they grow faster than wild snails.


The certificate of origin Chiocciola metodo Cherasco is awarded to snail farms who adopt the full natural cycle method, reared only with a vegetarian diet.
The certificate is only granted to production lines verified by the International snail Breeding Institute in which the entire production chain is managed according to its standards.


We strongly believe in the motto “eating better” and we contribute by offering consumers authentic and genuine flavours.

Lumacheria Italiana, Snails all'Italiana - Tomato & Pesto - 280g

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