A young grappa, crystal clear in colour, with an enveloping but delicate aroma; tasteful and harmonious, it is appreciated even by the most delicate of palates.


Type: young white grappa

Grape varietals: marc of Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes harvested late September/early October and destemmed before fermentation; the grapes macerate for 15 days and are delicately pressed upon racking

Distillation: discontinuous method, the head and tail are eliminated to select the best part of the lot

Colour: transparent and brilliant Bouquet: enveloping and delicate aroma

Flavour: round and harmonious, highly appreciated by delicate palates

Alcohol by volume: 45%
Serving temperature: 12°(54°F), in stem glass for distilled drinks

Focus: a young grappa, indispensable complement to Rubesco wine, from whose marc it is produced

Label: emphasizing the bond with Rubesco wine, it reproduces the typical panel depicting the grape harvest from the Fontana Maggiore in Perugia, one of Italy’s most beautiful 13th century fountains



A must-have drink to finish off a meal with Rubesco wine, whose marc is used for this grappa.
On the label, like that of Rubesco, a bas-relief depicting the harvest, detail from the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia, Italy’s most beautiful 13th century fountain.

Lungarotti, Grappa di Rubesco 45.0% 50cl

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