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Trideo is an evocative neologism that links the mythological background of the brand to the second generation of the Merlotta family.
The god Dionysius, the three blades of the trident depicted in the emblem of our brand, the three key people sustaining the brand with pride and tenacity are inseparably tied together. This engaging and intoxicating wine, already a status symbol, pays homage to the second generation.

Always the protagonist

CLASSIFICATION: Pignoletto D.O.C. Sottozona Colli d'Imola Frizzante

GRAPE VARIETIES: Grechetto gentile 100% (different clones). Formerly known as Pignoletto

PRODUCTION AREA: Tenuta Merlotta Colli d'Imola

LONGEVITY: 2 years

ASPECT: Bright yellow with - evident golden highlights enhanced by an unusually fine perlage.

TASTE: Fresh and lively structure on the pa- late, enhanced by the velvety smoo- thness of bubbles. Aromas are repeatedlyperceivedonthepalategi- ving a clear-cut character to this wine.

AROMA: Freshness and liveliness amplify the fruity tones of the delicate fragrance of ripe Golden apple supported by an ample floral note.


Grapes are harvested when optimally ripe, then they are carefully selected in the vineyard and finally submitted to a secret and meticulous wine-making process. This process allows us to achieve a genuinely elegant sparkling wine. Thanks to nature and to the mastery of our oenologists, every year we manage to create this particular interpretation of Pignoletto Frizzante.

Merlotta, Pignoletto Frizzante 'Trideo' DOC, 2017

SKU: merlotta_trideo_frizzante
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