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GRAPE VARIETIES: Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Merlot.

SOIL: medium textured with patches of gravel.

VINE TRAINING SYSTEM: predominantly unilateral Guyot with 4,000 vines/ ha, short pruning to obtain a more limited, richer and more structured grape production.

VINIFICATION: after destemming, the crushed grapes are left to macerate for two hours, then the must is decanted and the yeasts are added to start the fermentation process, which lasts for about ten days. The wine is left on its fine lees for at least five months.

AGEING: storage in the wine cellar at a constant temperature of +12°C and cold stabilization before bottling.

ALCOHOL: 12.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly) 

TOTAL ACIDITY: 6.80 g/l of tartaric acid

COLOUR: cherry pink.

BOUQUET: refined, delicate hints of raspberry, cherry and strawberry immediately on the nose, becoming candid, pleasant scents of watermelon, pomegranate and blood orange. The floral bouquet is rich and agreeable with notes of Cyclamen, Peony, Geranium and Lilac. A slightly spicy hint of pink pepper is combined with a sensation of soft and fragrant sweetness. Aromas of aromatic herbs, particularly thyme and mint, are suffused with an essence of iodized minerality that inebriates and conquers.

TASTE: a captivating sip highlights vibrant notes of acidity and sapidity, immediately balanced by a clear soft and mineral vein. A long persistence, good structure, a pleasant fruity return and a wonderful sensation of freshness and vitality that remains and gratifies the palate.

PAIRING: recommended as an accompaniment to seasonal soups, white meats, boiled meats and fish-based cooked and raw dishes.

SERVING: +11 to +12°C, uncorked in the moment.

CONSUMPTION & SHELF-LIFE: ideal consumed fresh, while, well-preserved, it enhances its personality, and can keep for up to 2-3 years.

Pighin, Rosato Venezia Giulia IGT, 2020

SKU: 12555_2020
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