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1982 Paolo Malfer decided to establish Revì, a wine firm that finds its own inspiration in the fizz, after years of tests and proofs, through them he has perfected the production’s techniques, which he had studied at school. The name “Revì” derives from the toponym of the production’s zone. This area, in according to the legend, was perfect for the cultivation of a superior kind of vine. From this vine a royal wine was obtained: the King Wine. (“Re Vin” are two dialectal terms which mean “King Wine”, in everyday speech the words are apocopated and “Re Vin” becomes Revì). Paying an extreme attention to the research of the highest quality and always maintaining a strong bond with the territory of Trentino, Revì produces only TRENTODOC quality, the sparkling wine of Trentino. During the years the other family members have been infected by the passion, which has permitted the establishment of the firm, and thanks to a close cooperation, the number of bottles and of the produced typologies of TRENTODOC sparkling wine increased. Nowadays Revì confirms its mission: being a synonymous of excellence in the production of TRENTODOC

Paladino Trentodoc wine immediately impresses for its fine sparkle that comes up brilliant in the glasses, and in addition for the intensity of its scents, that are fruity and floral. Some very definite notes of mineral stand out and recall the rocks and the protuberances of the mountains of Trentino. The mouth is enveloped by a very fine silk, which disappears and introduces pleasant, intense, never- aggressive aromas and scents and a good tastiness. The already dry month holds the sweet-smelling scents of a wine, which we will remember.


Type: Sparkling Extra Brut ( residual sugar : 3 g/l)

Production area: Trentino.
Cuvée: Chardonnay , from organically grown grapes.

Harvest: September

Vinification: soft pressing, must is separated from the stalks and the vinasse, then is clarified and fermented. Fermentation's temperature is controlled by cooling.

Sparkling: Fermentation in the bottle ( Classic Method)
Aging: 60 months on the lees.
Quantity produced: 1982 bottles, numbered consecutively.

Colour: straw yellow.

Perlage: fine and persistent.

Bouquet: fruity and floral with well-defined notes of ore that remind of the rocks and the roughness of Trentino mountains.

Taste: hugging, silky , after tasting it, it leaves room for pleasant aromas, that are intense, never aggressive and savoury. The now dry mouth still holds in itself the notes of a wine that you will remember.
Conservation: very good until the first year, but can be well-preserved and enjoyed even later.

Alcohol: 13%/Vol.

Revì, Trento Metodo Classico Riserva "Paladino" Extra Brut deg.2017 DOC, 2012

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