31 Botanicals. Memorable year.


Selection of wines paired to a hydro alcoholic infusion of more than 31 botanical that creates the uniqueness of this historic vermouth: stand out the absinthe, the yarrow, the citrus acid and full-bodied scents associated with gentian, rhubard and the cinchona.

Try it neat, on the rocks or request the cocktail list.


Colour: amber color bordering on orange.

Nose: full, intense, aromatic with substantial hints of herbs.

Taste: round, rich, vigorus with spicy and vinous, with a long finish.

Sixe: 10cl and 75cl


"Choose the multi-liqueur boxes created by Rossi d'Angera or combine the according to your taste. Every customer can have his favourite selection of grappas and liqueurs. Have fun to reassemble it, each time, in a different way, choosing among all Rossi d'Angera 10 cl mixini/miniature bottles." (subject to availability)

Rossi d'Angera, Vermouth Style.31 Rosso Miniature 16.0% 10cl

SKU: 97529S
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