Colour: ruby red towards crimson.

Bouquet and taste: the Mirto di Sardegna is a traditional liquor. The unique taste and colour of the Mirto liquor comes from the fruit of the Mirto plant (Myrtus communis), which produces unique purple blue berries. The organoleptic properties are inside the skin of the grapes, giving the liquor its distinctive colour, while the tannins of the pulp are responsible for the astringent taste and volatile composites that generate the unique taste of this liquor.

Gastronomic combinations: thanks to its properties, the Mirto di Sardegna is included among the digestive liquors. It could therefore be consumed after a meal, even if it is often used as an aperitif. It is best served iced by keeping bottles in the freezer.

Serving temperature: to be seved frozen.

Silvio Carta, Mirto del Contadino 30.0% 70cl

SKU: 96704
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