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Appelation: Oltrepò Pavese Doc

Grape Variety: 100% Croatina

First Vintage: 1983

Vineyards: 2 hectares

Esposizione: West

Altitude: 180-220m asl

Gradient: 35% - 55%

Year of palnting: 2001, 2003

Vine density: 5,000

Grape yield: 70 qt

Soil Composition: Clayey-lime in surfaces with sandy veins

Pruning System: Guyot

Harvest: Manual in cassettes with repeated collection passes depending on of the parcels, in the first and second decade of the month of September

Vinication: Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature of 24-25°C for 8-10 days followed by malolactic fermentation

Ageing: Traditional in the tanks with destemming of the buches And light punching down In vasca

Alcohol content: 14.0% Abv

Total Acidity: 6.7 g/l

Volatile Acidity: 0.27 g/l

Ph: 3.43

Service Temperature: 16°-18°C

Colour: Intense ruby red with purple nuances

Aromas: Vinous, characteristic of the vine, with maraschino in evidence,

Taste: Fruity and tasty attack, the vinous tones of marasca and blueberry, moderate acidity, frank and lively characteristic tannins

Abbinamenti: It gives the best of itself with the dishes of the great Lombard tradition, Piemontese and Emiliana - trolley of mixed boiled braised meats cotechino, snails - and with the great cured meats of Oltrepò Pavese, Salzi di Varzi

Tenuta Mazzolino, Bonarda Oltrepò Pavese DOC, 2017

SKU: 18835_2017
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