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Lombardy, although one of Italy's largest and most populous regions, has only two wine styles of particular note: red Valtellina and sparkling Franciacorta. The majority of its wines are produced under lesser-known DOC titles, or under one of the region's various IGT titles (see Italian Wine Labels).

Located at the heart of northern Italy, Lombardy is entirely landlocked, bordered by Piedmont to the west, Emilia-Romagna to the south and Veneto to the west. To the north are the mighty Central Alps, and the Swiss region of Ticino.


The region is not entirely without the cooling influence of large bodies of water, however: lakes Como, Iseo, Maggiore and Garda dominate its northern half. These bring more than just vista-seeking tourists to Lombardy – they also help to temper the climates of their respective vineyard zones.

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