2 like the Italian DOUBLE Malt (doppio malto) unfiltered and craft beer, distilled with knowhow by our highly skilled master distillers

1 like the number of the old distiller’s license for theSibona Distillery, synonymous with a great background and prestige.

These two numbers together make 2.1, the Sibona Distilled Craft Beer, extracting and concentrating all the flavour from the original beer in a unique and elegant way.

APPELLATION: Distillato di Birra, Bierbrand (eau de vie de Bière).

RAW MATERIAL: Italian Double malt unfiltered craft beer

DISTILLING: Exclusively in-house, in copper stills in a bain-marie, employing all the expertise of our oenologists and master distillers.

AGEING: long ageing in stainless steel tanks


BOTTLE: special and elegant graduated Sibona bottle with notches down the side to indicate the content and a pouring spout.



Sensory profile:

COLOUR: Pale straw.

BOUQUET: intense, elegant and enveloping, with evident scents of hops and malt and clear recognition of the beer of origin.

PALATE: smooth, with an elaborate and rounded body, characterised by a wealth of fruity and floral sensations. Persistent aftertaste, slightly aromatic and absolutely delicious.

PAIRINGS: Mature cheeses, dried fruit and structured meat dishes. Also with desserts and sorbets.

TASTING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent chilled (6-8 °C), especially in summer, or at temperatures between 14 and 17°C in a tulip glass.

Antica Distilleria Sibona, Distilled Beer 38.0% 50cl

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