Grape varieties: 100% timorasso

Viticulture: Timorasso. Density 4,600 vines per hectar. Few Treatments are aapplied in the plants, using only copper, sulfur and natural seeweed fertilizer. Soil is exclusivelly enriched with organic flavour.

Vinification: This wine is fermented with indigenous yeasts and skin contact. It is aged in steael tanks for 2 years where it naturally decants with no need of filtration. Minimum sulfur dioxide is applied and only if necessary.

Style: Nose combines intense and persisntant herbal, floral, fruity and salty notes. The full-bodied palate integrates chalky minerality, alcohol and acidity, allowing for a long finish. Over time, all elements build a complex, multi-layer wine.

Key features: Maturation in bottle is the clue. After 3-5 years the
different components will start to integrate. After 10 years, full expression and complexity will be reached. At every step, serve chilled (14°C), but not cold to acess its Unique personality.

Bottazzi, Timorasso Colli Tortonesi 'Monterosso' DOC, 2016

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