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Named after the ancient Roman wine festivals, the Passito Vinalia is a dessert wine that is ideal with apple strudel.

Grape variety: Moscato Giallo

Area of cultivation/ climate: Sun-blessed sites on the slopes around Bolzano at 300 to 400 meters a.s.l.

Grape harvest: End of September to middle of October

Vinification: Carefully selected grapes are air-dried on racks, gently pressed in February of the following year and slowly fermented in French barriques. The high sugar concentration causes fermentation to stop at about 10% ABV.

Tasting notes:

Color: golden with amber hues
Aroma: fruity aromas of ripe apricot, pineapple, sugar melon and peaches, candied exotic fruits such as mango
Taste: full-bodied and opulent with a well-balanced acidity and creamy mouthfeel

Food pairings: As a dessert wine with pastries, strudel or mature blue cheeses

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Alcohol: 10.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)
Residual sugar: <300 g/l

Cantina Bolzano Kellerei Bozen Moscato Giallo AltoAdige Passito Vinalia DOC 2020

SKU: 24031_2020
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