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Moscato Rosa is a very rare variety that originates from Sicily and has been cultivated in South Tyrol since the middle of the 19th century. The Moscato Rosa Rosis is a very floral and elegant wine, mellow and full-flavored with a nose of fresh berries.
Grape variety: Moscato Rosa/Rosenmuskateller
Cultivating area: Alluvial soil of the Bolzano area, at 250m a.s.l. (820 ft)
Harvest date: Mid to end-September

Vinification: Only selected grapes desiccate naturally. Temperature-controlled fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks.
Color: Brilliant ruby red with dark hues
Aroma: Floral scent of rose petals and violets. Fruity abundance of red fruits and berries, spicy nutmeg. 
Flavor: Delicate sweetness, paired with a pleasantly fruity acidity.

Food pairing: Pairs perfectly with bismarcks, poppy seed strudel, fruit salads and chocolate desserts.

Alcohol: 12.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

Cantina Bolzano Kellerei Bozen Moscato Rosa/Rosenmuskateller Alto Adige DOC 2017

SKU: 24032_2017
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