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Uncommon wine, obtained from a careful selection of Barbera and Ruché grapes left to dry for two months. It is vinified in wooden barrels and refined in barriques for three years. It is placed on the market more than four years after the harvest. It gives emotional sensations. “Genesi” stimulates the expert wine taster imagination, showing the great range of tasting-olfactory sensations.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Uncommon wine, obtained from a careful selection of Barbera and Ruché grapes left to dry for two months. It is fermented in large oak ovals and matures in oak barrels for three years. Only after four years have passed from the harvest is it released to the consumer. The bearer of intensely-appealing sensations, Genesis will rouse the imagination of the serious wine-lover with the extraordinary breadth of its bouquet and palate.
SENSORY PROFILE. Appears a rich, garnet-tinged ruby red. The surprisingly delicate bouquet, with a length that is utterly captivating, releases fragrant notes of eastern spices, such as cumin, cardamom, and black peppercorn. The palate displays great smoothness and warmth, with superb balance of all components, and the fragrant finish exhibits significant length.
VINIFICATION AND MATURATION. The clusters are hand-picked into small boxes, which are then stacked on pallets and placed is well-ventilated areas; there the grapes dry naturally, thanks to the autumn breezes, until the end of the harvest period. They are them de-stemmed by hand and gently pressed. The must ferments on the skins for 18-20 days at 15-18°C with daily punchdowns. Malolactic fermentation takes place during the maturation period in oak barrels, which lasts a minimum of 30 months. The wine is given an additional 6 months’ minimum bottle-ageing before release.
RECOMMENDED GLASS: Fairly large tulip-shaped glass
SERVING SUGGESTIONS. Genesis displays its finest qualities paired with meats, whether grilled or roasted, and is superb with poultry and duck. Chocolate-based desserts are a fine accompaniment as well, since they complement the wine’s emphatic aromatics.

Cantine Sant'Agata, Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato 'Genesi' DOCG, 2016

SKU: 17610_2016
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