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The historical varieties of the Carso – Kras interpreted in their most typical and truer version. Macerated wines chasing a model of refining elegance and partially aged in Slavonian oak when necessary for their natural development. The wines are obtained from a strict selection of bunches, clearly expressive of the character of the Ušje vineyard and our territory.

Vine variety: Malvasia istriana 100%
Production area: the Karst region
Soil: limestone plateau covered with iron-rich red soil
Average age of vines: 18 years
Plant spacing: Guyot – 9,800 vines per hectare – the Simonit method
Yield: 3,000 kilograms per hectare
Preventive measures in the vineyard: During the last 20 days of ripening grapes are treated with a propolis emulsion that acts as a natural fungicide and thus prevents fungal diseases (botrytis, acid rot).
Vinification method: The grapes are hand-picked at the end of September and stored in crates; after de-stemming the grapes ferment in steel barrels on wild yeasts at a constant temperature (20°C); they then macerate on the skins for up to 20 days, although the length of the process varies each year. Fining on the yeasts takes from 12 to 18 months; during this time some physical processes take place, namely malolactic fermentation and stabilisation. The wine is bottled after three years without filtration. Depending on its natural evolution, our wine may undergo partial ageing in old Slavonian oak barrique barrels. Two years later the wine is bottled without filtration. Fining in the bottle takes another year.
Tasting notes: straw yellow, almost golden colour with a Mediterranean shrubland aroma. Dry and full-bodied on the palate with intense fruity flavours and strong mineral notes.
Serving temperature: 17°C
Best served with: This wine is ideal as an aperitif. Try it with truffle tagliatelle. Also perfect with seafood dishes, dips and tasty first courses.

Castello di Rubbia, Malvasja Istriana del Carso DOC, 2015

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