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The historical varieties of the Carso – Kras interpreted in the search for maximum expression, are in fact experiments, the search of an extreme pursuit and desing of Mother Nature. High vineyard density and a very low yield per vine, the appassimento and the noble botrytis build an extraordinary concentration inside the berries. Long macerations and aging in oak give structure, complexity and roundness. Our “Reserves” are wines that challenge time and chase the emotion. Nature’s symphonies resonating in the glass.

I dedicate this wine to my granddad on my father’s side, who cultivated this vine variety with the utmost dedication, and to my daughter Asja, who I hope will one day comprehend the art of wine making

Vine variety:100% Malvasia istriana
Production area: the Karst region
Soil: limestone plateau covered with iron-rich red soil
Average age of vines: 18 years
Plant spacing: Guyot – 9,000 per hectare – the Simonit method
Yield: 800 kilograms per hectare
Preventive measures in the vineyard: During the last 20 days of ripening grapes are treated with a propolis emulsion that acts as a natural fungicide and thus prevents fungal diseases (botrytis, acid rot).
Serving temperature: 17°C
Best served with: blue and mature cheeses, bacon and chestnut risotto, home-rolled tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushrooms, truffle fuži (a traditional type of pasta from the Istria region).

Castello di Rubbia, Malvasja Riserva "Leonard" IGT, 2009

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