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The historical varieties of the Carso – Kras interpreted in the search for maximum expression, are in fact experiments, the search of an extreme pursuit and desing of Mother Nature. High vineyard density and a very low yield per vine, the appassimento and the noble botrytis build an extraordinary concentration inside the berries. Long macerations and aging in oak give structure, complexity and roundness. Our “Reserves” are wines that challenge time and chase the emotion. Nature’s symphonies resonating in the glass.

“In 2012 our Terrano wine was produced in only one week … I still remember how the morning after de-stemming, at the start of the maceration process, I thought I must have mistaken the vat containing the new wine with the vat containing the wine from the previous year. Within 12 hours the initial sugar content of the 2012 Terrano must dropped by 50% at a temperature of 22°C. We started pressing the wine thinking it was already too late for extraction. However, we realised that the maceration process has no impact on the structure of the wine, not even when it’s a red wine. It is all up to nature and the skilled winemakers who do not interfere with the fermentation process.”

Vine variety: 100% Terrano
Production area: the Karst region
Soil: limestone plateau covered with iron-rich red soil
Average age of vines: 18 years
Plant spacing: Guyot – 9,000 vines per hectare – the Simonit method
Yield: 800 kilograms per hectare
Preventive measures in the vineyard: During the last 20 days of ripening grapes are treated with a propolis emulsion that acts as a natural fungicide and thus prevents fungal diseases (botrytis, acid rot).
Serving temperature: 18°C
Best served with: Karst-style tenderloin, “bisat” grilled eel, stewed hare, wild boar stew, roe deer. Chocolate cakes.


The TERRANO variety and its unique properties!

According to a recent INTERREG ITALIA – SLOVENIJA “AGROTUR” study carried out by the universities of Trieste and Ljubljana, the Terrano variety increases iron absorption, which makes it a natural dietary supplement.
The terrano is also rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, polyphenols and resveratrol. Its antioxidant content appears to be much higher than that of other red wine varieties worldwide.

Castello di Rubbia, Terrano del Carso Riserva DOC, 2012

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