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From meditative after-dinner companion to Mixology star

The Cipriani Amaro 7 Parti is an aromatic bitter liqueur. An artichoke infused Italian digestive whose bold personality is backed by its intense aromatic bouquet. A digestif amaro and ideal companion for bringing a hearty dinner with friends to a close, but also for profound moments of peace as the Amaro 7 Parti is perfect for reinventing the great classics of Mixology. Try your hand at digestif drinks, putting a new spin on traditional cocktails from the Manhattan and Americano to the Negroni and beyond.


MAIN INGREDIENT: Cipriani purple artichoke, originating on the island of Saint Anthony of Torcello (Venice)



Cipriani, Amaro 7PARTI 35.0% 50cl

SKU: 18305
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