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It is the wine of one night, which comes out of the vat in the morning and is ready to offer its intense and bright coral pink, its elegant ripe fruit aroma with notes ofwild rose, which we also find in its freshand harmonious taste. The name of this rosè celebrates the Marquise Luisa Casati Stampa, called Corè, one of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s favorite lovers.

Grape variety: Negroamaro 100%

Alcohol: 12.0% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)
Production area: Brindisi, Salento - Italy

Soil type: clayey and sandy

Training system: espalier

Yield per plant: 1 kg

Planting year: 1995

Harvest: handpicking in the second half of September

Vinification: it is used the noblest part or the tear or “the must moaning from the freshly harvested ripe grapes”. This is how Sante Lancerio, bottler of Pope Paolo III Farnese, defined it back in 1549. Since thenlittle has changed, apart from the technology that allows the processing at controlled temperature and the fermentation with selected yeasts
Aging: about 3 months in the bottle
Annual production: about 30,000 bottles

Serving temperature: 12.0°C

Color: intense and bright coral pinkNose: elegant, with ripe berries and wild flower notes
Palate: fresh and harmonic, full and well-balanced,
distinctive red fruits
Food pairing: fried zucchini with tomato sauce, crostini with dried tomato pâté, risotto with asparagus and shrimps, lentil soupCellaring: to drink when youngAwards: see on the back


Vintage 2018
92/100 in Luca Maroni’s Guide of the Best Italian Wines

Vintage 2017
Two Glasses Red in Gambero Rosso 2019

Vintage 2017
Oscar “Berebene” in gambero Rosso 2019

Vintage 2017
92/100 in Luca Maroni’s Guide of the Best Italian Wines 2019

Vintage 2016
90/100 in Luca Maroni’s Guide of the Best Italian Wines 2018

Vintage 2015
91/100 in Luca Maroni’s Guide of the Best Italian Wines 2017

Vinatage 2011
Merit Diploma in the National Competition of Italian Wines 2012

Coppi, Rosato Negroamaro Salento 'Corè' IGP, 2022

SKU: 11390_2022
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