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Produced in Italy, exclusively in the local area of Breganze, this wine is obtained after a careful selection and care of bunches of different grape varieties (mainly Vespaiola, Tai and other local grapes in smaller quantities), which are placed on fruit-drying racks in a ventilated environment. It is only after Christmas that the sweet Torcolato finally becomes wine. The production is limited due to low yields and typically traditional production methods. Golden coloured, full, smooth and luscious, Torcolato is a rare meditation wine. Excellent matched with dry cakes at the end of a meal and also with blue cheese.


WINE: 100% Vespaiolo
LOCATION OF VINEYARD: hills of Saint Lucia - DOC areas of Breganze

SOIL/LAND: volcanic soil hills
TYPE: sweet
ALCOHOL: 13.0%

VINIFICATION: Produced in Italy in this single zone of Breganze, the product is created by extreme attention and careful selection of the grape bunches of Vespaiola. In order to dry the grapes, they are coiled (intorcolà) on a string in an aired atmosphere. Only the best clusters are collected for the drying. This drying process gives the Torcolato wine its sweetness. The production is limited due to the specific demands and the handicraft of creating this wine. The fermentation happens over extended periods and can last some months until arresting itself spontaneously leaving the wine still sweet. It is left to rest in steel vats for some years before being bottled.

CHARACTERISTICS: A wonderful color of gold with intense aroma of cooked apple, honey, apricot, raisins and dates. It fills the mouth with flavor. The freshness from the Vespaiola grape allows it to contrast the sweetness and therefore is not overpowering but elegant. Torcolato is one of the great wines of meditation or conversation. It is excellent alone, but pairs well with herbed and aged cheeses. It also is a special dessert wine and goes well with dry biscuits. Torcolato ages well and is always a pleasant surprise when bottles from some decades before are opened.


Firmino Miotti, Torcolato Breganze DOC, 2017

SKU: 13090H_2017
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