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Ruby red wine, with the right amount of tennis and a flavour of ripe forest fruits. It perfectly matches red meat such as goose, head stew, tasty game, and succulent meat. It is an ageing wine. Groppello is a historical varietal of the Breganze area, the first evidences date back to 1300. Then, it is mentioned many times in the year 1754, in the work named "Roccolo ditirambo" written by Aureliano Acanti. Due to the tennis inside the wine, it is believed that the name comes from the verb "intro-are", meaning, "to bind the gums", in the Veneto dialect.


WINE: 100% Groppello di Breganze
LOCATION OF VINEYARD: hills of Saint Lucia - DOC areas of Breganze

SOIL/LAND: volcanic soil hills
TYPE: dry
ALCOHOL: 14,50%

VINIFICATION: harvested with 5kg cassettes from chosen clusters. They are left to rest and aerate for 10-15 days. The stems are removed and the grapes are pressed. It is left to ferment for 9 days by plunging and frequent racking. Finished in stainless steel tanks with the must and spontaneous rotating fermentation. It is bottled at the beginning of April 2017.

CHARACTERISTICS: Nice important, dark red, garnet colour. Mature fruit flavour with a tannin taste. In the ancient book called "Vineyards and Wine in the Middle Ages from Verona and Vicenza Sources," the writers Maroso and Varanini talked about the presence of the groppello in the Breganze area as early at 1300. Aureliano Acanthuses in a 1754 wrote "Roccolo Ditirambo" in which he gives a long description of the qualities of the wine groppello, present in Breganze and on the surrounding hills. It is believed that the name comes from Veneto dialect from the verb " ingropare" which means to tie the gums. This is because the wine has a strong tannin taste. The Groppello accompanies red meats like the goose, game meats. It ages well


Firmino Miotti, Groppello Veneto IGT, 2016

SKU: 13070_2016
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