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Costetoste opens your nose with intense balsamic notes of anise and rosmary. Prunes and black sour cherries mingle with pepper and anice. Full body, brackish with a high acidity and a final aftertaste of cocoa beans.

The “costetoste” is the only Aglianico made in Abruzzo, from our vineyard Le Coste: a steep and difficult soil, totally exposed to the South, with extreme agronomic conditions. Hence, extreme this wine is!

With violent tannins, it is a muscled and uncompromising red. Costetoste means just this, hard and tough. And you’ll love it.

Fontefico, Aglianico Terre di Chieti Vigna le Coste 'Coste Toste' IGT, 2012

SKU: 14370_2012
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