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Considered the most ancient and renowned flavored wine preparing with Marsala Fine. Formerly named “Egg Marsala”, it was once used by moms and grandmothers as an energy and reinvigorating drink for children and older people.


Type: Aromatized

Wine Production area: Marsala 

Wine-making: Marsala Fine DOP (80% at least), white table wine, with the addition of alcohol from grains or winey matters, sugar, powder or paste egg yolk infused, natural flavors, colored with caramel Alcohol content: 14,90% to 16,00% vol* 

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

Residual sugar: over 200 gr/l 

Color: dark amber 

Aroma: persistent, typical egg scent, with hints of rum and vanilla. 

Taste: decisively sweet and persistent 

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Food pairing: Dessert wine, to be enjoyed whether at room temperature or cold. Excellent

ingredient in ice-cream and pastry-making

Frazzitta, Vino Aromatizzato all'Uovo 'Cremovo', NV (stelvin)

SKU: 14200_NV
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