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Distillery Fratelli Rovero

The characteristics of the Verdicchio pomacegive this grappa an incomparable flavor andaroma. The skins are fermented and then distilledwith the diligent use of a process that assuresdevelopment of a harmonious equilibriumbetween aroma and flavor.

Grape mixture: 100% Verdicchio.

Alcohol level: 43% by vol.

Processing: selected pomace is stocked in 300- kilo (660-pound)containers and distilled within eight to 10 days of consignment, distillation occurs in watery diffusion intraditional double-boiler batch stills. The special character ofthis type of installation is due to the fact that it permits slowdistillation, which assures an exacting division of the alcohol vapors. Careful separation of the ethereal parts of the headsand phloem oils yields a “heart” with maximum finesse.The pot still is manually operated and, therefore, the final result is due principally to the quality and freshness of the raw material and afterward to the distiller.

Maturation: the grappa, with alcohol content of 70-80% by vol., is collected in stainless steel vats sealed by the oversight authority, which takes samples and analyses every batch to ensure that the grappa is suitable for human consumption. Once the suitability of the product is established, it is diluted with water to reduce the alcohol level.

Color: transparent.

Bouquet: pleasantly aromatic, typical of the variety of origin.

Flavor: dry, soft and delicate at the same time.

Serving temperature: 14°C (57°F)

Garofoli, Grappa bianca di Verdicchio 'Podium' 43.0% 70cl, NV

SKU: 12321
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