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From discontinous distillation of our red grapes we get Nonnu Elogu Aged, pomace brandy that tastes like cherry and wild berries, chocolate and vanilla and rich, enveloping flavor. The most loved by the Sardinians.

From the discontinuous distillation of our pomace of Cannonau and Cagnulari, we make this grappa with rich flavor, mellow and delicate. It has the typical amber color after being aged for a year in oak barrels.


Grapevine: Cagnulari e Cannonau

Distillation process: Discontinuous with little copper steam boiler

Refinement: 10-12 months in different woods barriques

Colour: Amber

Scent: Cherry, the small wood fruits, chocolate, vanilla

Flavor: Rich, delicate, of great harmony and persistence

Gradation: 40.0% vol.

Giovanni Cherchi, Grappa scura 'Nonno Elogu' Aged 40.0% 50cl

SKU: 11971
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