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According to an old legend, Benevento is the place where witches from all over the world meet.

It is here that in 1860 Giuseppe Alberti after having worked for many years as a successful wine trader decided to open a distillery making a liqueur initially made by the infusion of only one herbal ingredient following a recipe obtained from local monks.

With the help of his father, who was well versed in herbal lore tried to better the original recipe.

Young Alberti, aware of the popular interest and fascination around the legend of the Benevento Witches and their magic love potion, which was supposed to unite the couples who drank it forever decided to call his liqueur Strega (Witch) which to this day it is still linked to the ancient legend and to its mysterious origins.

At any moment only two people know the original recipe that has been carefully handed down for generations from father to son.

Strega is probably the oldest Italian liqueur to be known world-wide.

The company is still owned and managed by the Alberti family now in its sixth generation since its foundation.

Giuseppe Alberti, Sambuca 40.0% 70cl

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