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An elegant and unique product, from an amber colour, from an unique taste, a gin really unique where everthing inside is harmoniously distributed.


Il Re dei Re is born in 2012 in Tuscany, even if its a young reality, it stands out for its special, high quality and care of packaging of its product range.

In what we do there is love and passion.

We only use raw material of top quality rigorously selected.

All our product are created with a traditional workcraft in the real sense of the word.

We really take care of the image, bottles, containers to help enhance the quality in them. Our primary goal ? Make fall in love in the tasting.

In 2016 taking advantage of serious professionals, today collaborators of production and image, we opened the NEW "CRAFT LIQUOR IL RE DEI RE".

We needed a new push, all the productive line, from the infusion bottling. Growth without forgetting the traditional methods tend, like always, to perserve those cultural importance of the preservation of our past.

Il Re Dei Re, Gin & Saffron/ allo Zafferano 40.0% 50cl

SKU: 97604
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