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Classification: V.Q.P.R.D. Controguerra Doc Passito Nicò. 
Origin: The vineyards are located in the municipality of Controguerra, about 270 metres a.s.l. 
Composition of subsoil: Medium-textured soil, tending to clayey. 
Grape: 100% Montepulciano. 
Characteristics of plant equipment: The vineyards are trained with a pergola trellis system with a density of approximately 1,100 stocks per hectare. The production per hectare amounts to 5.5 tons 
Times of harvest and wine-making: Grapes are harvested after a careful selection, generally during the first decade of October, and are left to dry on trellises for approximately two months. Once they are dry, grapes are stemmed, crushed and left inside stainless steel tanks. Maceration lasts 15-20 days. Once the malolactic fermentation is over, wine is poured into Slavonian oak barrels where it stays for 30 months, after which bottling takes place. Before being put on the market, this wine is refined in bottle for a further 15 months. 
Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: ruby red with a hint of garnet-red.
Nose: intense, complex, almost ethereal, reminding of jam.
Flavour: fat, harmonious, velvety, soft, highly persistent. 
Serving: It is a great accompaniment to country-style desserts, sweet tarts, pastries. Good also with pecorino cheese. Excellent as an after dinner wine being a meditation wine. 
Analytical data

Alcohol 13.00 % vol.
Total Acidity 5.40 g/l

Illuminati, Controguerra Passito 'Nicò' DOC, 2007

SKU: 20115_2007
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