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A white wine with great structure, balanced and elegant. the bouquet has floral scents and notes of linden, thyme, and acacia flowers, delicate hints of coconut, vanilla and white chocolate; sapid and fragrant flavour with a long finish as well as balanced, refreshing acidity.


Type: structured white wine with barrique aging

Grapes: Trebbiano, Vermentino and Grechetto harvested in September. Double Guyot; 4000 vines/ha; average yield: 7 tonnes/ha

Vineyard: “Il Pino”, mid-hill vineyard (270 metres above sea level); Western exposure

Soil type: the vineyard is located in the mid- to high section of the Brufa hillside with clayey soil, medium depth and limestone subsoil

Vineyard area: 3 hectares

Vinification: following cryomaceration, 30% is fermented and aged on the lees in barrique for 3 months; the remaining 70% is fermented in stainless steel; the blend is then barrel-aged until the following spring.

Colour: straw yellow of good intensity, with brilliant greenish reflections

Bouquet: good complexity with fruitiness (fruit salad, yellow peach and citrus fruit); light, refined note of woodiness on the finish

Flavour: elegant flavour, with a delicate, citrus-like acidity; fruity and persistent finish, slightly mineral in closing

Alcohol by volume: 13%
Consumption: if stored properly, aging potential is long. Serve at 12°-14°C (54-57°F), in large stem-glass

Food Affinities: dishes of haute cuisine, particularly fish and seafood (lobster salad or grilled, scampi, sea bass in a salt crust); it is also particularly indicated for cappelletti in broth, risotto - especially if truffle-based - white meats in general (grilled chicken skewers)

Focus: this special selection of single-vineyard Torre di Giano was one of the first barrique-aged whites wines in Italy, produced since the early 1970’s anticipating more recent trends. Its merit is a wonderful balance without excessive wood aging, guaranteeing excellent drinkability

Label: a bas-relief depicting the harvest, detail from Perugia’s 13th century Fontana Maggiore, one of Italy’s most beautiful 13 fountains



A special selection of Torre di Giano, it was one of the first Italian white wines to be aged in wood, as early as the 1970’s, many years before the more recent trends. The name recalls the Roman origins of Torgiano, testified by the tower dedicated to Janus, the double-faced god. On the label is a bas-relief depicting the harvest, detail from the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia, one of Italy’s most beautiful 13th century fountains.

Lungarotti, Bianco di Torgiano "Vigna Il Pino" DOC, 2009

SKU: 12029A_2009
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